Some people think a symbol in front of C# is Sharp are you agree or disagree?

Years after the introduction of C#, the prevalence of very big mistakes or misunderstand in computer society. Call # Sharp again of the number sign For example when a junior programmer or junior computer scientist saw a # in Twitter some of them call it sharp :O or hashtag although hash is another name for number sign, you can not call it sharp when you saw it on most of the web. In this article we are going to discuss, what is different between symbol # we known as the number sign, hash “#” and music symbol, sharp, means higher in pitch and we write it “♯” (U+266F in Unicode)

Why the Microsoft call it new programming languages C Sharp? Microsoft wants to introduce a higher-level programming language from C++ with more facilities. They looking for new symbols and they find sharp. The sharp symbol is so perfect because it looks like 4 plus ++++ and it means higher in pitch in music. They had a very big problem.

You can not type sharp directly from the keyboard :(. so they decide to choose hashtag along sharp

In conclusion, although we write C# (pronounce c sharp), this # a lonely pronounce number sign or hash