How to move VirtualBox VM’s To Other Drive

Mar 18, 2016


today for a second time i must move my Vbox vms to another location , because i don’t have enough space in that location. VirtualBox have problem to move VM’s because if you can not introduce your VM’s to VirtualBox again you can not use it or you have hard way to pass. i solve this problem 2 years a go . and i dont document it know when i have this problem a gain i cannot remember how solve it :|

i promise to my self if i solve it a gain i write my solution in blog :)))

ok first you shut down all of your vm it is very important and now close your vbox move all your vm to other location you want now open vbox you see all off your vm loss a path right click on vm an now remove them


go to tools option and click on add find your vm and add it in your vbox problem solved its was too easy keep it simple :D have fun

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